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Farhana Bodi’s Ethnicity, Net Worth, and the Ex-Husband Story | Unveiling the Dubai Bling Star

Farhana Bodi is a rising Dubai Bling star who is a social media influencer. Currently, she has an estimated net worth which is upwards of $1.5 million. She is 37 year old was born in India on January 4, 1986. She is also in the limelight as the ex-wife of the famous Heroies Havewalla, the developer of the multi million dollar cryptocurrency – GoldPesa.

Farhana Bodi’s Ethnicity | Is she Indian?

Farhana Bodi was born in India to parents of the Muslim faith and raised in South Africa, where she spent time studying fashion and modeling before finally moving to Dubai. She fluently speaks Hindi, Gujarati, English, and Arabic and has revealed to the media that she is proud to represent India internationally to her global audience.

Farhana Bodi

Farhana Bodi’s Net Worth | Is Farhana a Millionaire?

Her actual net worth is hard to ascertain as her income sources vary and evolve. However, several sources confirm her net worth is over $1.5 million. So how does she generate this outstanding value? As a popular influencer, she is the face of many high-end brands and is the founder of I Am Woman of the World, a lifestyle blog that aims to empower female entrepreneurs. Her instagram presence and TV appearances also contribute substantially to her wealth.

Farhana Bodi’s Ex-Husband and Who is she dating now?

Following her recent divorce from Heroies Havewalla, Farhana has revealed to the media that she still isn’t over him and is not involved with anyone new. Farhana and Heroies were married in 2012, and their son, Aydin, was born in 2016. Canadian-born Heroies Havewalla is the genius behind creating GoldPesa, the world’s first gold-backed cryptocurrency.


Farhana Bodi’s Family and Son

Now She is single, and currently, she is not dating anyone. However, she has a son who is seven years old, and his name is Aydin. He has also 166k followers on Instagram.


Farhana Bodi’s Age and Birthday

Farhana Bodi’s Biography

Farhana Bodi was 37 year old was born in India on January 4, 1986. Farhana enjoyed playing cricket with her brother as a child. She later developed an interest in fashion and attended a school for makeup at the age of 17 to learn to present herself more elegantly. She avoids smoking and drinking and is health conscious, and exercises regularly.

Her diet is strictly monitored, and she has a daily skincare routine that helps her to maintain her youthful appearance. She is personally invested in supporting other women to start their ventures and brands, and this is the vision behind her blog, I Am Woman of the World.

NameFarhana Bodi
Birthday04th January 1986 (37 years old age as of 2023)
Country of BirthIndia
OccupationEntrepreneur and social media star
SiblingsOne Brother – Gulam Bodi
SpouseHeroies Havewalla
Civil statusDivorced
ChildrenOne son – Aydin
Spoken languagesHindi, Gujarati, English, and Arabic
Favorite outfitFaux leather blazer, white tank top, ripped jeans and heels
Personal Philosophy“Never give up on what you really want. The future belongs to those who take risks and dare. When you believe in yourself and your dream, nothing will be impossible.”
Life motto“Be positive, stay happy, don’t harm anyone and pray to god.”

Farhana Bodi Social Media

What happened between LJ and Farhana?

LJ (Louijain Adada) and Farhana had a troubled history before joining Dubai Bling. LJ had unjustly criticized Farhana on social media, which wasn’t resolved before their meeting on the Kris Fade wedding episode. Farhana accused LJ, who denied it, causing them to avoid each other on the show.

Eventually, Ebraheem Al Samadi intervened and helped them reconcile for the sake of the group. They were under pressure due to their feud.

Farhana Bodi’s Dubai Bling Appearance

Farhana Bodi has made herself a spotlight star on Dubai Bling due to her troublemaker reputation. Her fame as an influencer and content creator along with her net worth gained her a well deserved spot on the show, however, she has been featured in the middle of many disputes with her costars.

Farhana Bodi’s Career | Journey as a Model Explore Farhana

Farhana’s love and passion for her career have helped her achieve incredible success. At the age of 19, she made a name for herself in modeling, social media, and television. She gained international recognition as a reality show star, setting fashion trends and representing popular brands.

She walked the renowned Cannes red carpet and had the opportunity to open for Atelier Zuhra during London Fashion Week. Farhana’s first appearance on reality TV was on MTV as Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF, leaving a lasting impact.


This millionaire worked hard and was dedicated to her success. As of 2023, her net worth is 1.5 million USD. She always strived to improve herself, and her life is glamorous and admired. She will continue to fascinate and inspire people for many years.


What happened between LJ and Farhana?

They had a series of disputes which began with an unprovoked attack on Farhana by LJ on social media, and it escalated to a point where the Dubai Bling co-stars had to intervene and force a truce for the sake of everyone.

What is Farhana Dubai Bling’s net worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be upwards of $1.5 million

Who is the influencer on Dubai Bling?

Farhana Bodi is one of the most popular influencers, with a following of 3 million.

How much does Farhana Bodi make?

Farhana Bodi makes $ 50K per year from modeling gigs alone, besides her income from various other sources, which causes her exact net worth difficult to estimate.