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Kris Fade’s net worth in 2023 | How Rich is “Dubai Bling” Star Actually?

Kris Fade is an Australian-born Lebanese who holds a net worth of $1.2 million. Kris gained his wealth after he moved to Dubai when he was approached by Virgin Radio to be the spearhead of their startup in UAE.

Since then, Kris has grown his audience to around 1 million daily listeners for “The Kris Fade Show”. He also founded Fade Fit, which produces healthy snacks and vitamins for kids. 

Kris is also featured on the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling which follows the lives of the ultra-rich in Dubai. Fade has the honor of being one of the four genuine millionaires on the show. So how did Kris get to where he is today? Read on to find out more. 

Kris Fade’s Net Worth in 2023 

Kris Fade currently has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. His famous on the radio with ‘The Kris Fade Show’. Kris Fade’s business Fade Fit contributed vastly to his wealth which he accumulated after arriving in Dubai with only $3500. He now leads a luxurious lifestyle with his wife and children. After 15 years in Dubai, he purchased a house for his family. Along with real estate, he also enjoys purchasing luxury vehicles and is the proud owner of a McLaren 650s Spider

How did Kris Fade become rich? 

Kris Fade didn’t became from a rich family. He started working for the Australian radio channel Edge 96. setting up local promotions as part of the street team. He later became Music Director and Afternoon Drive Host. And he was able to capture the interest of Virgin Radio, who hired him in 2008 to set up their channel in Dubai. His morning show, ‘The Kris Fade Show,‘ now has an estimated 1 million listeners worldwide. 

He continues to grow in the multimedia industry and also started up his now-famous enterprise Fade Fit, which he began with just one product and now produces a range of healthy snacks and multivitamins for kids. These, along with his other investments and social media brand deals, help him to earn around $150,000 annually. 

Kris Fade’s latest role in Dubai Bling 

Netflix shows Dubai Bling follows the lives of the 10 millionaires in a reality show format which has much fame and popularity not just in Dubai but in Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan, as well as in all Gulf countries.

From the cast members, Kris Fade has sparked special interest among his viewers as they follow along with the details of his relationship with long-time partner Brianna Ramirez, who he married in March 2022. Their wedding was also publicized on the show as the season 1 finale in an episode named ‘Hitched.’

Kris Fade’s early life and Career 

Although it’s hard to imagine, Kris Fade has come from a very simple background. His Lebanese parents moved to Australia long before he was born. His father, having little education, started out in a grocery store when Kris was 14. Kris worked hard, eventually ending up as a General Manager in a car dealership.

Fade’s mother worked in a clothing store, and they were both conscious of teaching Fade the value of every dollar. Also, Kris has to earn his allowance by doing various chores. With these ethics instilled in him, he started work at the age of 14. And this taught him valuable lessons in managing his money and helped him to get to where he is today. 

From Barista to radio personality, Fade started at Edge in Australia, where his overall performance brought him on air after joining Edge from the bottom as a promotion agent. His energy as host of their afternoon show helped him to be recognized and selected to launch Virgin Radio in Dubai with resounding success. Although this has jump-started his fame, his popularity grew through his business Fade Fit and his appearance on Dubai Bling.

Kris Fade’s wife and Personal Life

It’s no secret that Fade loves his daughters Zahra and Ariani. Their mother is Marianna, to whom Kris is no longer married. The difficult divorce caused him anxiety, depression, and weight gain. Eventually, the dependence on antidepressants prompted him to seek fitness and remove medication from his life.

Fade’s own fitness journey, along with the desire to create healthy but delicious snacks for his kids, was the beginning of Fade Fit, which he co-founded with his second wife, Brianna. He met Brianna in 2014 through social media, where they corresponded for some time before he met her in person for the first time when he invited her to attend a Lady GaGa concert. He neglected to mention that he would be hosting it.

They married in 2022 after a long relationship together. This spectacular event took place at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, on the lawn with the infamous Ain Dubai Ferris wheel as the backdrop. 


As of date, Kris Fade has a reported estimated net worth of $1.2 million, although, in reality, it could probably be much more if we take into consideration his Fade Fit business which is the fastest-growing fitness supplement in the market and his fame as the host of ‘The Kris Fade Show.’ His appearance on Dubai Bling has catapulted him into the spotlight.


What is Kris Fade’s business?

Fades Fits a brand of healthy snacks and kids’ vitamins

How much money is fade fit worth?

Kris Fade’s estimated net worth is $1.2 Million

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