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Brianna Fade’s Age, Net Worth, and Nationality | Memorable Love Story of Kris and Brianna Fade

Brianna Fade is a well-known Mexican-American talent manager and reality star from Dubai. She has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million USD as of 2023, and also she is 34 years old.

Brianna is happily married to Kris Fade. This article will put light upon their memorable love story. In writing this article, we referred to many sources including Wikipedia, nextau, and MyImperfectLife.

Let’s delve into their journey uncovering key aspects of their relationship and Brianna’s fascinating background. Assure to read until the end.


Brianna Fade’s Age, Nationality & Biography

Brianna Fade is a 34-year-old woman of Mexican-American heritage. She was born in Los Angeles, USA, to parents of Mexican descent

Name in fullBrianna Ramirez Fade
Birth year & Age1989 
34 years old as of 2023

Siblings1 brother & 1 sister
Height5 ft 6 inches
ProfessionBrand Manager
HusbandKris Fade

Currently, Brianna works as a Brand Manager at Fade Fit, a health-based lifestyle company founded by her husband, Kris in 2018.

Brianna Fade’s Net Worth in 2023

Presently, Brianna’s net worth is $ 1.5 million as of 2023. Most of her earnings are from previously working as a Talent Manager at Curveball Events. Currently, Brianna is a Brand Manager at her husband’s company, and her experience helps to earn more.

Additionally, Brianna is a cast member of Dubai Bling, a reality show featuring high-net-worth individuals in Dubai. Furthermore, Brianna’s social media brand deals are also slightly lucrative. She has an annual income of about $ 100,000, considering her avenues of income. Brianna Fade could require a high salary endowing a successful and wealthy lifestyle in Dubai

Kris and Brianna Fade’s Wedding

Kris Fade went through a hard time when he divorced his first wife, and Brianna helped him recover. In the 1st episode of Dubai Bling, Kris and Brianna reveal that they first connected over social media in 2015. Kris Fade’s post suggests she was 26 when they started dating in 2015.

The enchanting story goes that Kris invites Brianna to Lady Gaga Concert without apprising her that he is the show’s host.

In the summer of 2019, Kris proposed to Brianna and became engaged. Kris and Brianna are enjoying a happy married life supporting each other. Brianna works with Kris, and she has been contributing to its growth of Kris.


Brianna Fade’s Family Life & Children

Brianna’s husband, Kris, had two daughtersZahra and Ariani from his previous marriage. Kris posted, thanking Brianna for joining him.

You weren’t looking for a man, let alone a family, but you somewhat inherited one. I’m grateful for your dedication, patience, and, most importantly, understanding.”

According to reddit, Brianna said her Mom was in a Coma for 20 years, “I don’t want to discredit her trauma, but I’m so confused by that“. She said her Mom had a heart attack when she delivered her. “she was in a coma for 20 years. I’ve heard of long-term coma’s but 20 YEARS? I can’t even imagine the logistics, COST, etc of this.”

Brianna Fade’s Dubai Bing Role

Brianna Fade is best known for her appearance in the Dubai Bling. Among the show’s cast members, she emerges as a fan favorite. Brianna calls herself a “LA girl in Dubai.” Brianna’s husband, Kris, is also a Dubai Bling cast member. During the show in September 2022, their wedding was announced.

Kris is entering a new chapter of his life with bride-to-be Brianna Ramirez. Can Kris and Brianna balance the demands of wedding planning, raising a family, and managing their wild work schedules, without alienating their friends?

Brianna Fade’s Career Life

Brianna started her career as a Talent Manager at The Curveball Events, a top-tier event management company in UAE. She associated with them, demonstrating top talent in Dubai. Meantime she met Kris Fade. Although she left the job deciding to return to America with Kris, they stayed in Dubai.

After that, she stepped in to support her husband in business. Now Brianna is a Brand Manager at Kris’s company, Fade Fit. No longer, they had Netflix’s approaching idea of Dubai Bling. Moreover, Brianna is recognized as a successful figure in the industry through her considerable achievements.


Dubai Bling cast member Bianna Fade is a Mexican-American brand manager from Dubai. She was born in the USA and later moved to Dubai. With her experiences working as a talent manager, she currently supports her husband, Kris, as his company’s brand manager. Brianna has now successfully accrued her career and has earned thousands of dollars. She lives a blissful life in Dubai with Kris and her two daughters.


Is Brianna and Kris Fade still married?

Yes. Brianna is Kris Fade’s wife at present.

How old is Brianna Fade?

Brianna is 34 years old. She has been started dating Kris Fade in 2015 when she was 26.

Who is Kris Fade’s wife?

Kris Fade is married to Brianna Ramirez Fade in 2022 having a lavish wedding ceremony.