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Nov 09
Dubai Supermarkets Have Exciting Offers and Discounts This Time for Shoppers!

Shopping in Dubai is always a unique experience. It gets even better when supermarkets roll out exciting offers and discounts. With the holiday season just around the corner, let’s dive into what some of the city’s popular supermarkets have in store for us. Carrefour UAE Carrefour is stepping up its game with an array of […]

Nov 09
Bodyguard Of A Popular American Singer In Dubai Jail As Ruled By Sharia Courts!

Dubai, the city known for its luxurious lifestyle and towering skyscrapers, has come under scrutiny for its legal system. Particularly when it comes to Western tourists. The latest case involves Cornell Whitfield, the bodyguard of popular American R&B singer Trey Songz. He has found himself in an unexpected legal nightmare in the Emirate. Whitfield’s story […]

Nov 09
This Chinese Restaurant In Dubai Offers Hand-Pulled Noodles for Just AED 1!

Dubai Hills Mall has a delightful surprise for food enthusiasts. Tucked away on the mall’s first floor, 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles is making waves in the culinary scene. It has an authentic Chinese Muslim-style beef noodle soup. The Legacy of 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles The roots of 1915 Lanzhou Beef Noodles run deep, tracing back […]

Nov 09
Saudi Arabia’s $1 Trillion World’s Longest Skyscraper Linear City “The Line” Revealed

Saudi Arabia is well-known for its unique projects. Today’s topic is also about such a fantastic project of the Saudi people. What do you think about the future of urban development? Saudis have a clear and unique answer.  So, let’s discover the next-generation megapolis concept that comes with the ‘The line’ project of Saudi Arabia. […]