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Two-bedroom apartments in Dubai Gate 1 JLT

Dubai Gate 1 situated in Cluster Q of Jumeirah Lake Towers, is significant with its sophisticatedly constructed apartment complex. Of the four types of apartments, two-bedroom apartments in Dubai Gate 1 hold second place in popularity for their luxurious architecture. Stay in touch with the following section to learn more about the two-bedroom apartments.

Key takeaways

  • Two-bedroom apartments Includes four different unit types.
  • It’s suitable for five to six occupants.
  • The annual cost ranges from AED 60k to AED 90k.

Features of two-bedroom apartments

Two-bedroom apartments in gate 1 consist of four different unit types. It has two to three bathrooms, a massive living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a powder room. Two-bedroom apartments also include a separate room that has a closet. Additionally, the maximum capacity for occupants in this unit is five to six members.

Two-bedroom apartments at Gate1’s annual cost is ranged from AED 60k to AED 90k. The area of two-bedroom apartments ranges from 770 square feet to 1519 square feet. The sale cost of two-bedroom apartments counts from AED 580k to AED 930k. It is also rated as the second most profitable property to be rented or purchased. 

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AreaJLT Cluster Q, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
Apartment typeTwo-bedroom apartment
Apartment area770 sq. ft. – 1519 sq. ft
Average priceAED 67,000/ year
Inclusive ofA Living room A Kitchen Two to three bathrooms A powder room A closet room
Apartment amenitiesIncluded
Rental trendAED 60k – AED 90k
CapacityFive to six occupants

Types of two-bedroom apartments in Dubai Gate 1

With the intention of giving more choices to clients, There have 4 different types of apartments in two-bedroom apartments. In the next section, you can find out the floor plan of those two types.

Floor plan types of two-bedroom apartments in Dubai Gate 1

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