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Lojain Omran’s Net Worth- The Glamourous Saudi Arabian TV personality on DUBAI BLING

Lojain Omran is a cast member of Dubai Bling, the Netflix reality show. She is an influential figure in social media and a Saudi Arabian TV personality best known for the TV program, “Good Morning Arabs!“. This 45-year-old reality star is among the ultra-rich cast members of Dubai Bling. Lojain Omran’s net worth is estimated at around 6 Million USD as of 2023.

Additionally as a TV presenter and reality star, Omran’s income source set in as a social media influencer. In writing this article, we touched on many sources like, and

Get to the end of the article to reach all the interesting details of Lojain Omran’s Career, income, and much more.

Lojain Omran's net worth

Lojain Omran’s Net worth in 2023

As of 2023, sources betray Omran’s net worth at around 6 million USD. However, estimations indicate that Lojain Omran is at least a millionaire. In September 2022, Netflix depicted this in a press release.

“This high-value production docu-soap follows 10 Arab millionaires who are living their wildest dreams in the Bling City, Dubai.”

Dubai Bling is the Middle Eastern equivalent of the Bling Empire featuring high-net-worth individuals covering their glamorous lives. Omran is financially successful and she lives in a luxurious estate. She posts images of her travels by private plane. Also images of wearing an extravagant diamond necklace to festivities.

However ‘Arabian Business reports only 4 cast members; AI Samadi, Adada, Brianna Fade, and Kris are actual millionaires. And net worth of the rest is around 180k USD and 800k USD only.

How did Lojain Omran become rich?

Lojain Omran is a TV personality and a social media influencer besides a bona fide celebrity of Dubai Bling. According to some sources, she is earning an annual income of around 100,000 USD as a TV presenter.

Omran collaborates with numerous companies from sponsored posts making about 1 million USD annually. Omran has over 10.7 million followers on Instagram and over 1.3 million followers on Twitter. Glance at Omran’s glamorous life and her inspirational thoughts through her Instagram account.

Omran rose to fame after she was featured on “Good Morning Arabs!” She gained a gigantic fan following by appearing on TV and social media while growing financially.

Lojain Omran’s latest role in Dubai Bling

Netflix reality show, Dubai Bling revolves around 10 high-net-worth individuals living in Dubai, UAE;

  1. AI Samadi
  2. Loujain Adada
  3. Kris Fade
  4. Brianna Fade
  5. DJ Bliss
  6. Diva Dee
  7. Farhana Bodi
  8. Zeina Khoury
  9. Lojain Omran
  10. Safa Siddiqui

The cast members include models, businessmen, socialites, and influencers. One of the ultra-rich cast members, Lojain Omran is well-known as a Saudi Arabian TV personality and a social media celebrity.

In September 2022, Omran’s popularity led to Netflix’s note. The streaming Giant said,

 “from sharing her Saudi Culture with the social circle to inspiring young Arab women across the region with her inspirational and positive energy. Lojain is a calm and centered presence in the social circle.”

Lojain Omran’s Career

Earlier, Omran served as an Operations Manager at Saudi Hollandi Bank (Alawwal Bank at present) In 2004, she kicked off her banking career and shifted to television.

She debuted in Bahrain TV’s show, “The Situation with Lojain.” It instantly pushed her to make more opportunities to appear in casts; Around the Gulf, The World of Eve, and Ya Hala. She rose to prominence through MBCI’s “Good Morning Arabs!”

Omran was ranked 55th in Forbes’  Middle East’s list of “The Top 100 Arab Celebrities.”

Gulf Business listed her in the Arab Power List 2018 describing her as an “Influencer/ TV Host.” Also in 2009, ‘Zahrat Al Khaleej’ newspaper awarded her as “Best Presenter.”

Omran received the ”Arab Women’s Award” from the Arab Women’s Foundation in London.

In 2011, Omran was selected by Islamic Relief Worldwide as a Goodwill Ambassador. Moreover, in 2013 Omran was chosen as the Ambassador of Tenderness by the Rashid Center for People of Determination.

Lojain Omran’s Husband and Personal Life

The following table illustrates the details of Lojain Omran’s personal life. But she’s extremely private about it and rarely shares it.

Birthday October 26, 1977
Age45 years
Height 1.6m
Daughter Jilan
Siblings Sister: Actress Aseel Omran 
Brother: Mazen Omran
Ex-husbandSheikh Salman AI Thani
Instagram @Lojain_Omran 

Omran married Emirati Businessman Sheikh Salman Al Thani when she was 16 years old. She has 2 kids; Samir and Jilan and currently, she’s been divorced from him.

Omran has a brother, Mazen Omran, and a sister named Azeel, who is a famous Saudi Actress. Although Omran rarely shares her personal life, invariably adds about her fashionable life and inspiring quotes in her Instagram profile.


Before shifting into the entertainment sector, Omran worked as a banker. Commencement of appearing in “The Situation with Lojain” made good time for her. Dubai Bling is a key milestone in her career. Omran has earned thousands of dollars by being a TV personality, a social media influencer, and through sponsored posts. Lojain Omran’s Net Worth stands at around 6 Million USD as of 2023.

Omran eventually established herself as a well-known figure. Keep a tab to know about her future developments.


How old is Lojain Omran?

Lojain Omran is 45 years old and she was born on October 26, 1977.

How tall is Lojain Omran?

Omran stands 168.4cm tall.

Does Lojain Omran have a child?

Lojain Omran has a son named Samir and a daughter named Jilan

Who is the husband of Lojain?

She married her ex-husband, Emirati Businessman Sheikh Salman Al Thani when she was age 16.

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