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6 Best Indian-Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a place where all the nations of the world gather together. Because of that, the best Indian Chinese restaurants in Dubai captivate food enthusiasts through their impeccable blend of flavors. These eateries, selected based on quality, price, and variety, offer a gastronomic journey like no other. This article is about six such establishments. So, let’s see what are the best places to taste the best Indo-Chinese cushions that will last long in your mouth.

1. Masalawok Restaurant (⭐4.0/1,480 reviews) 

Masalawok, located in Al Nahda, has been a favorite since 2003. This restaurant marries Asian and Indian flavors, making it one of the best Indian Chinese restaurants in Dubai. Guests can enjoy dine-in, takeaway, or no-contact delivery. The ambiance is cozy, and the menu boasts a range of traditional dishes, all flavored to perfection. Open till 12 AM, it offers affordability and variety. Contact them at +971 4 547 3066 or visit Masalawok for more.

2. Calcutta Imperial Dragon Restaurant (⭐4.3/161 reviews) 

Calcutta Imperial Dragon in Mankhool is a nostalgic culinary escape. Its old-school charm and impeccable Desi-Chinese cuisine make it popular among locals. The restaurant is known for its warm ambiance and dishes reminiscent of the 90s. It is usually packed on weekends, testifying to its popularity and quality. The price range is reasonable, and the menu highlights include flavorful noodles and spicy gravies. Reach them at +971 4 430 5042 or check Zomato.

3. China King, The Great Indian Chinese Restaurant (⭐4.9/338 reviews) 

China King in Al Karama is an award-winning establishment known for authentic Indian-Chinese dishes. Open 24/7, it caters to late-night cravings with hot Chinese cuisine. The dining experience is casual yet delightful, with a menu featuring a variety of flavorful dishes. From noodles to spicy gravies, China King has something for everyone. Contact them at +971 4 327 8622 or explore their Instagram for insights.

4. Chili Pepper Restaurant (⭐4.2/70 reviews)

Chili Pepper, situated in Wasl Hub, Karama, is a fusion marvel. As the first Indian multi-cuisine and fusion restaurant in Dubai, it specializes in Sizzlers, Indo-Chinese, and Kebabs. The ambiance is welcoming, and the diverse menu offers a rich dining experience. Open till midnight, the restaurant is perfect for a quick bite or a fulfilling meal. For inquiries, call +971 4 234 7307 or visit their Instagram.

5. Chinchaaus Restaurant (⭐4.2/585 reviews)

Chinchaaus Restaurant in Al Karama has offered a unique blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine since 2010. With branches in Al Nahda 2, it caters to diverse palates. The ambiance is a mix of casual and semi-fine dining. The menu, adaptable to customer preferences, includes a variety of flavorful dishes at a reasonable price range. Open from 11 AM to 2 AM, it’s accessible for all meals. Contact: 04 357 5250, or visit Chinchaaus.

6. Mumbai and Chinese Restaurant (⭐4.7/159 reviews)

Mumbai Multifood Restaurant in Al Karama brings Mumbai’s flavors to Dubai. Open 24/7, it’s among the best Indian Chinese restaurants in Dubai. The menu offers a wide variety of Indian and Chinese dishes that cater to diverse tastes. Their price range is budget-friendly. Contact them at +971 50 914 8666 or explore their Zomato page.


The article introduces six of the best Indian Chinese restaurants in Dubai, each distinctive in its offerings. For a delightful culinary experience, these restaurants are highly recommended.

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