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Bodyguard Of A Popular American Singer In Dubai Jail As Ruled By Sharia Courts!

Dubai, the city known for its luxurious lifestyle and towering skyscrapers, has come under scrutiny for its legal system. Particularly when it comes to Western tourists. The latest case involves Cornell Whitfield, the bodyguard of popular American R&B singer Trey Songz. He has found himself in an unexpected legal nightmare in the Emirate. Whitfield’s story raises questions about the safety of Americans in Duba. It sheds light on a troubling trend that has been quietly unfolding.

Is Dubai Safe For Americans?

Cornell Whitfield, a 40-year-old from Miami, has been a bodyguard to stars like Lil’ Kim and Deebo Samuel. Last March, while at the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, his routine duty took a shocking turn.

Whitfield’s story raises questions for American tourists. Is Dubai safe for Americans? However, he was convicted of assault for slapping a fan. The fan was trying to touch Songz, even though he claimed it was self-defense.

Radha Stirling, who runs “Detained in Dubai,” shares that many tourists find themselves facing unexpected legal challenges. Since 2008, her organization has assisted countless tourists arrested on seemingly weak grounds.

Stirling explains that foreigners, often unaware of the intricacies of Dubai’s legal system, can find themselves accused with little evidence. Accusers sometimes demand money to drop charges, leaving tourists in a difficult position.

Others Caught in the Legal Web

Several cases mirror Whitfield’s situation. Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos and Tiarra Allen, both American tourists, found themselves in legal trouble over seemingly minor incidents. British businessman Albert Douglas has been in jail since 2019 over his son’s business debts.

Dubai, with its ambitious $8.7 trillion tourism push, seems to be a paradise for travelers. However, the legal troubles tourists face tell a different story.

Understanding the Situation

Whitfield, unaware of the charges against him, returned to Dubai only to find himself facing legal troubles. His story highlights the need for tourists to be aware of and understand their destination’s legal environment.


Whitfield’s experience is a lesson for all travelers. It emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the places we visit. As Dubai continues to grow as a popular destination, travelers need to approach with caution and knowledge.

In the end, the stories of Whitfield and others remind us that beneath the allure of a tourist hotspot, there might be complexities that require careful navigation.


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