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Dubai Supermarkets Have Exciting Offers and Discounts This Time for Shoppers!

Shopping in Dubai is always a unique experience. It gets even better when supermarkets roll out exciting offers and discounts. With the holiday season just around the corner, let’s dive into what some of the city’s popular supermarkets have in store for us.

Carrefour UAE

Carrefour is stepping up its game with an array of offers that cater to diverse needs. If you’re looking to refresh your beauty routine, Carrefour is offering discounts of 30% to 65% on a range of products, from skincare to men’s grooming and perfumes.

The savings extend to groceries as well, with pantry essentials like bread, milk, and rice being discounted from 8% to 45%. Additionally, certain products come with 10X bonus share points, offering value on every purchase.

LULU Hypermarket UAE

LULU Hypermarket is also rolling out impressive discounts, ranging from 30% to 50% on items like fabric softeners, pantry essentials, and skincare products.

Additionally, LULU is introducing a ‘Best of Spain‘ sale, featuring around 116 Spanish products available until November 5th, 2023. It’s a great opportunity to explore new flavors without leaving the city.


SPAR also has unbeatable deals in its weekly surprise promotion! They have offers for a wide variety of goods from what you need for your personal use, to kitchen, bathroom and more. They also offer exciting offers to conquer the digi-tech world!


Spinneys ensures you’re well-prepared for the holiday season, offering a variety of snacks like Halloween cookies and donuts, alongside everyday essentials. They also regularly update their product lineup, giving you fresh options each time you shop.


Waitrose makes shopping straightforward with its easy-to-navigate website, listing everything from grocery essentials to holiday treats. Whether you’re looking for snacks, beverages, or baked goods, Waitrose ensures your needs are met conveniently.


Dubai’s supermarkets are making an effort to ensure your shopping is not just about getting what you need but also enjoying the experience. With well-thought-out discounts and a variety of products, these supermarkets are turning routine grocery shopping into a satisfying journey. So, get ready to explore these offers and make the most of your shopping trips.


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