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10 things to do in Dubai mall

Shopping in the Dubai mall is the one of main attractions among tourists visiting Dubai. It’s known as the second-largest shopping mall in the world and is adjacent to the world’s tallest building Burji Khalifa. Also, The mall consists of over 1200 shops with over 200 places to dine. But there are plenty of things to do in Dubai mall except shopping and eating. Let’s see what are the top 10 things to do in Dubai mall.

01. Visit the top of the Burji Khalifa

The lower ground floor of the Dubai mall has an entrance to the Burji Khalifa. Burji Khalifa’s outdoor terrace is the highest observation deck in the world. Because of that, it gives an all-round view of the city. Visitors can visit any time of the day. But many recommend the sunset and the night view.

02. Meet Dubai dino

Dubai Dino is the displayed real dinosaur fossil in the mall. It’s 150 million years old fossils. Also, it belongs to Diplodocus longus dinosaurs. It’s 24 meters long and 4 meters tall. Information boards are displayed near for more knowledge. However, accessing this area is free. 

03. See Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium is a massive aquarium with over 33000 marine animals. It’s taller than the third floor of the building. Also, it consists of a 48-meter tunnel. However underwater zoo provides the experience of different aquatic environments. Visitors can choose from snorkeling cages and diving. Also, a glass-bottom boat tour is an option.

04. Experience VR Park Dubai at play DB

The Dubai mall VR center is equipped with new technology. Also, It’s the world’s largest VR park with a stimulated roller coaster. It provides a fun and adventurous experience for everyone.

05. Glance at the human waterfall 

The human waterfall is a main attraction in the mall. It is situated in the center of the mall. The waterfall is 24 meters high. Also, it lightens by the natural sunlight. Human sculptures floating freely upside down are displayed with the fall. So, this calm rhythmic waterfall gives a different experience.

06. Kids to the KidZania Dubai

We can’t forget kids when we travel. Kidzania is a children’s size adventurous park. It has a fun educational environment for kids. So, parents can take a rest while kid play. Not only that they can sleep in the pram.

07. Witness the fountain show

The fountain is located in Burji Khalifa Lake. It’s visible from every angle of the lake. Also, the fountain show timetable is spread throughout the day. Also, the show is free for everyone.

08. Enjoy Ice Rink

The ice skate rink in the Dubai mall is Olympic-sized. It’s open to the public and the shows too. Also, it’s famous for Ice Go kart races. it’s the best place to watch ice hockey games. Visitors can rent ice bikes for a more fun experience.

09. Experience the Emirates A380 flight simulator

This place is for everyone with a pilot dream. The Emirates A380 flight stimulator gives a real experience. The visitor can take off, land, and turn as a captain. Also, the sessions can different from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Furthermore, an instructor in the cockpit will be with you all the time.

10. Hysteria

It’s a haunted mansion with 15 rooms. The place is for thrill seekers. Also, for horror movie lovers. Visitors can experience extreme fear.