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Saudi Arabia’s $1 Trillion World’s Longest Skyscraper Linear City “The Line” Revealed

Saudi Arabia is well-known for its unique projects. Today’s topic is also about such a fantastic project of the Saudi people. What do you think about the future of urban development? Saudis have a clear and unique answer. 

So, let’s discover the next-generation megapolis concept that comes with the ‘The line’ project of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s New City, “The Line” looks incredible!😱

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What is The Line project in Saudi Arabia? 

The Line in Saudi Arabia is a city home to 9 million people and is entirely powered by renewable energy. The project’s uniqueness is that it is a stripe city covered by mirrors. This project is subject to the Saudi leaders’ giga-project’ that will reshape the kingdom’s northwest. 

Newly released design ideas depict a walled city in the future. A mirrored facade encloses its open interior on both sides. The city’s atmosphere stretches eastward from the Red Sea through the desert and into the mountains.

How Long Is The Line in Saudi Arabia? 

They were supposed to build a long city instead of creating a city with tall skyscrapers. The structure extends up to 150 miles to connect Saudi Arabia’s west and east coast. It may be the tallest structure in the cemetery after the project is complete.

Who Is Building The Line In Saudi Arabia? 

The Neon project is another name for the line project. The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Saudi government contribute $500 billion to support it. PIF is a sovereign wealth fund with domestic and foreign investors under bin Salman’s chairmanship. 

The completion date of Neom has been delayed by another five years from its original target date of 2025. But the crown prince insists the ambitious project is still on schedule.

Why Is Saudi Arabia Building A Line City? 

The Line was created to eliminate the need for roads to move cars and buses. The project’s main target is to prioritize people’s needs over everything else in urban planning. Everything else you might need should be within a short walking distance of you. The city’s high-speed underground rail line can take you from one end to the other in 20 minutes.

Nine million people have never lived in a city that only takes up 13 square miles (34 square kilometers) of land. Ninety-five percent of the project’s land will be preserved, and renewable energy sources will supply the town’s energy needs.

The project design, which goes by the name Urban Gravity Urbanism, layers the city’s buildings vertically to allow people to move up, down, or across instead of traveling long distances. There will be a public park, school, and shopping malls, and everything is only a five-minute walk away.

NEOM | What is THE LINE?

How Long Will It Take To Build The Line In Saudi Arabia?

They planned to complete the project by 2025 at the beginning. But, its schedule has changed over five years, and the current completion year is 2030. Then, you can be one of the 9 million residents of the line city by 2030.


Where is The Line Saudi Arabia?

The location of The lining project is Neom, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

Is the Line Saudi Arabia real?

Yes! It is a real man-built project, and it is currently under construction.

Where is the line city?

The line city is located in Saudi Arabia.