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10 Best Indian Restaurants in Downtown Dubai

If you’re a Indian food lover in Dubai, then Downtown Dubai is one of best the places to explore. We’ve lined up the top 10 Indian restaurants in Downtown Dubai. The best one on the list is Bombay Brasserie. As per our findings, people love it the most according to Google and TripAdvisor reviews.

In writing this article, we refer to many sources, including Google, TripAdvisorZomato, etc., to make searching for the perfect Indian restaurant Downtown easier. 

So, if you’re looking for the best Indian food in Downtown Dubai, here are the 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Downtown Dubai for should try.

1. Bombay Brasserie  (⭐4.7 out of 2331 reviews)

Bombay Brasserie is the place for you if you want special attention, excellent service, and tasty Indian and Asian food.  It has a 4.7-star rating on Google, based on over 2331 reviews, making the best Indian restaurants in Downtown Dubai.

They offer flavorful dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and sweet Anjeer Halwa. It costs around AED 550 for two people, but the delicious experience is totally worth it.

Bombay Brasserie one of the Best Indian Restaurants in Downtown Dubai
CuisineIndian, Asian
Special DietsVegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free 
MealsLunch, Dinner, Brunch
FeaturesReservations, Private Dining, Seating, Parking 
Contact Information+971 4 438 3100
Open HoursEvery day: 12.00 PM – 3.00 PM6.00 PM – 11.30 PM

2. Armani/Amal (⭐4.6 out of 2299 reviews)

Armani/Amal is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Dubai. The place is so beautiful and you can enjoy your meal with a stunning view of the Dubai Fountain.

Armani/Amal one of the Best Indian Restaurants in Downtown Dubai
CuisineIndian, Asian
Special DietsVegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free 
FeaturesReservations, Outdoor Seating, Private Dining, Seating, Parking 
Prize Range311.27 AED –  549.31 AED
Contact Information+971 4 888 3888
+971 4 436 8888
Open Hours6.30 pm – 11.30 pm Closed Every Sunday

3. Pepper Dubai Mall (⭐4.4 out of 837 reviews)

Pepper Dubai Mall breaks the tradition of Indian cuisine with inventive recipes. They create a delightful range of flavors that you definitely love to try out.

Pepper Dubai Mall one of the Best Indian Restaurants in Downtown Dubai
CuisineIndian, Asian
Special DietsVegetarian, Vegan, Halal
MealsLunch, Dinner
FeaturesTakeout, Reservations, Seating, Table Service, Delivery
Prize Range99.70 AED – 189.44 AED
Contact Information+971 4 333 6077
Open HoursMonday – Thursday: 12.00pm – 12.00am
Friday – Sunday: 12.00pm – 12.30am

4. Patiala Restaurant & Bar  (⭐4.3 out of 836 reviews)

Patiala Restaurant & Bar is the perfect place for you if you are searching for traditional Indian fine dining. With a rating of 4.3 stars, this restaurant brings the flavors of Delhi to Downtown Dubai. 

Patiala Restaurant & Bar
CuisineIndian, Asian
Special DietsVegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free
MealsLunch, Dinner, Late Night
FeaturesDelivery, Takeout, Reservations, Seating, , Table Service, Parking
Prize Range54.94 AED – 183.10 AED
Contact Information+971 4 451 9151
Open HoursEvery day: 12.30 PM – 12.00AM

5. Beresta (⭐4.8 out of 518 reviews)

Beresta is one of the best Indian restaurants in downtown – Dubai where Chinese and Indian flavors come together in perfect harmony. With an average cost of around AED 100 for two people, can enjoy delicious meals in a clean and hygienic environment.

CuisineChinese, Indian
MealsLunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night
FeaturesDelivery, Dog Friendly ,Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Parking, Digital Payments, Free Wifi, Credit Cards, Table Service, 
Contact Information+971 58 960 3145
Open HoursEveryday : 12.0PM – 12.00 AM

6. Grand Swathi Restaurant LLC (⭐4.1 out of 516 reviews)

For Indian cuisine lovers, Grand Swathi Restaurant is  a perefect place to try out. You will have a great time there with dishes like Obbattu and Mutton Curry.

Grand Swathi Restaurant LLC
FeaturesDine-in, Takeaway, Outdoor Seating, Indoor Seating
Contact Information+971 4 254 1133
Open HoursEveryday – 7.00 AM – 12.00 AM

7. Roobaru (⭐4.6 out of 341 reviews)

Roobaru is an authentic Indian spot known for catering to families and large crowds. With a 4.6-star rating, this place offers fresh and quality food for Indian Food lovers. The average Cost for 2 people is just AED 245 approximately here.

FeaturesDine-in · Takeaway
Contact Information+971 54 776 6384
Open HoursEveryday : 12.00 PM – 11.00 PM

8. Galeries Lafayette Dubai (⭐4.2 out of 332 reviews)

Galeries Lafayette provides you a unique dining experience with various international cuisines including famous Indian tandoor and curries. You can enjoy your favorite Indian dishes like tandoori chicken or Chana masala in a relaxed atmosphere here.

Galeries Lafayette Dubai
CuisineItalian, Mediterranean, Sushi, Asian, International
Special DietsVegetarian, Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free Options
MealsBreakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Late Night
FeaturesDelivery, Takeout, Seating, Parking, Wheelchair Accessible, Free Wifi, Table Service
Contact Information+971 4 339 9933
Open HoursMonday – Thursday : 10.00 AM – 11.00 PM
Friday – Sunday : 10.00 AM – 12.00 PM

9. JAAN at the Penthouse  (⭐4.0 out of 44 reviews)

If you really love to have a vegetarian preferred meal here comes the best place to go for. You enjoy the perfect Indian cuisine at JAAN at the penthouse. With a focus on the best ingredients coming with herbs and spices, this restaurant is a perfect choice for Indian food lovers.

JAAN at the Penthouse
CuisineIndian, Asian
Special DietsVegan, Vegetarian 
FeaturesReservations, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible, Table Service
Contact Information+971 4 503 6128
Open HoursSaturday & Sunday : 6.30 PM – 3.00 AM

10. India Palace Express  (⭐3.8  out of 40 reviews)

India Palace Express is famous for the quality and spice of its meals.  This place is great for family gatherings. The average Cost for two people here is just AED 180 for two people approximately.

India Palace Express
CuisineIndian, Fast Food, Asian
Special DietsVegetarian, Vegan , Halal
MealsDinner, Lunch
FeaturesTakeout, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible
Contact Information+971 4 339 9325
Open HoursEvery day : 12.0PM – 2.00 AM


If you’re in Dubai and love Indian food, visit Downtown Dubai. There is a lot of Indian restaurants for you to try out. Above, we have selected the best 10 Indian restaurants where you can enjoy tasty dishes without spending too much money.

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