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Everything You Need To Know About Obtaining A St. Lucia Passport

The Saint Lucian passport is unique in many ways. Not only does the passport serve as the primary document for St. Lucians who wish to travel outside of the country. It also doubles as a form of official identification card (ID) for citizens within this Caribbean island nation.

The St. Lucian passport also confers a sense of pride and patriotism on the holder. That’s because it’s emblazoned with the nation’s coat of arms and the national motto, serving as a constant reminder of its priceless heritage.

This article shall delve into qualifying and applying for the St. Lucian passport. But first, let’s start by highlighting some of the benefits of this crucial document.



Why Apply For A St. Lucia Passport?

You’ll need a St. Lucian passport because it lets you travel to other countries around the world. The document serves as the first form of identification when traveling internationally, helping authorities trace your origin.

As of January 2024, the VisaGuide Passport Index ranks the St. Lucian passport 77th globally. The implication is that St. Lucian passport holders can travel to 114 countries visa-free. Even better, most of the remaining nations allow St. Lucian citizens to apply for a visa online or upon arrival.

Besides serving as an essential travel document, a St. Lucian passport is also a key identification document for domestic purposes. The country’s citizens don’t necessarily have to apply for a separate national ID, provided they already have a passport.

A St. Lucia passport lets its holders acquire citizenship of other countries or retain their original nationalities. That’s because St. Lucia allows dual citizenship.

Security is another excellent thing to love about the Saint. Lucia passport. The document contains advanced security features that provide additional safeguards against impersonation and identity theft.

Lastly, the St. Lucian passport is available even to people who aren’t St. Lucians by birth via alternative programs like citizenship by investment (CBI). More on this later on.



Who Should Apply For A St. Lucian Passport?

There are two categories of people who qualify for a St. Lucian passport.

The first group is St. Lucian citizens by birth or naturalization (marriage or adoption). Applicants who claim to have been born in the country must provide a birth certificate, while those claiming naturalization must equally submit proof.

The other group is citizens by investment.

St. Lucia is one of the many Caribbean countries that grant citizenship to foreign nationals who pledge to invest in the country. Applicants of the CBI program must attach their certificate of citizenship while applying for a St. Lucian passport.

Procedure for Obtaining A St. Lucian Passport

  1. Fill out an official passport application form with biographical information, including your name, date of birth, and address.
  2. Submit the prerequisite documents, which include;
  3. Proof of citizenship – birth certificate (for applicants claiming citizenship by birth), married/widowed/divorced status (for married, widowed, or divorced female applicants), or CBI certificate (for applicants on the CBI program)
  4. National ID card (for applicants aged 18 years or over)
  5. NIS card (for applicants aged 16 – 17 years)
  6. Police report
  7. Two photos measuring 2 X 2 inches and captured within three months of the application date.

NB: All photos should be professionally captured, skilfully developed, and printed on high-quality paper. Each photo should have you facing the camera with your eyes open and mouth closed. It should also reveal all your facial and hair features without glasses, hoodies, scarves, hats, and (preferably) makeup.

Moreover, the photo should have a neutral or white background. Your name and recommender’s signature (where applicable) should also appear on the blank side of both photos.

  1. Pay the applicable passport fees.

Regular passport applications cost EC$80.00, Express applications cost EC$130.00, while replacements for a lost or damaged passport cost EC$200.00.

  1. Submit the completed application, usually by mail.

St. Lucia recently announced it would no longer accept passport applications filed directly by St. Lucians residing abroad. This was due to the rising number of passports getting lost via mail.

All overseas passport applications must be submitted to the nearest St. Lucia consulate for efficient processing.

  • Sit tight and wait.

Regular passport applications take 14 working days to process, while Express passports take 1 – 5 days.

regular passport


The St. Lucia CBI Program

Saint Lucia maintains a citizenship by investment program where foreign nationals can become St. Lucian citizens in exchange for investing in the country.

Becoming a St. Lucian citizen by CBI allows you to invest in the country as you explore its majestic landscapes. The nation’s strategic location provides access to potentially lucrative markets in North and South America.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment options begins from as low as USD 100,000. The program also provides numerous investment options for aspiring St. Lucian citizens.

You could purchase government bonds for a predetermined amount or buy a pre-approved real estate property in the Caribbean island. There’s also the option of donating to the National Economic Fund.

The St. Lucia CBI Program



St. Lucia isn’t just an amazing country to live and work in. It’s also one of the most thriving economies in the Caribbean. That explains the growing number of aliens seeking the country’s citizenship by investment.

But whether you’re a St. Lucian by birth, naturalization, or CBI, you’ll need a passport as your official means of identification. Fortunately, the country maintains a straightforward passport application process.