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Enhancing Safety And Compliance With RAM Tracking

If you are a fleet manager, you understand that vehicles, consignments (hauls), and drivers are your most valuable assets. So, you must ensure their safety is invulnerable because any harm or damage to any of the three can potentially retard your company.

All the same, it’s your role to ensure that your vehicles and drivers are complying with your business and road policies. That will birth efficient fleet management and boost your overall bottom line.

Switching to RAM tracking allows you to operate efficiently while saving time and money. RAM tracking helps you track your entire fleet in real-time, which means you can check drivers’ compliance while on the road and discourage habits that can risk their safety.

That said, let’s get into the details to understand why you need RAM tracking to improve fleet safety and compliance.

What is RAM Tracking?

To start, what’s RAM tracking? It’s a cloud-based vehicle tracking system that makes it easy for fleet managers and business owners to monitor vehicles at all times. And it’s not exclusively for managing a large fleet, RAM tracking is still perfect for monitoring as little as one car.

RAM tracking software is an easy-to-use system with various features, such as an activity grid that relays the vehicle’s location, speed, and status updates. That means, managing your fleet workforce on the go is possible, which is a game changer in enhancing compliance and safety.

So, if you are in Canada, use reliable RAM Tracking Canada service from a reputable provider for smooth fleet management. 

I. Instant Location Alerts

The Geofencing feature can make a difference in safety and compliance. It allows the creation of virtual geographical boundaries so that you get a notification anytime the car is driven outside this area. If you don’t feel confident about your driver passing such an area for safety or other reasons, you can redirect them. 

2. Improved Driver Performance

Eyes fixed on the road and dealing with other road challenges leave even the most experienced drivers feeling exhausted, which can mean considerable safety concerns. Thankfully, RAM tracking collects drivers’ data, such as duty time, and generates reports, improving management for better performance. The result is improved productivity and fewer risks of accidents due to fatigue-related issues.

3. Vehicle Theft Prevention

No matter how secure your location, car theft is still a threat that should be addressed before it happens. While you might not be able to avoid it entirely, RAM tracking can help prevent it in various ways.

First, it allows your team in the back office to send immediate help since they have real-time access to the car’s location. And if you are all caught unaware, it allows you to locate your stolen vehicle and find it. This comes in handy in reducing potential insurance premiums and financial losses.

4. Routine Maintenance Reminders

Vehicles need regular maintenance, however, you can find yourself late due to tight deadlines finding no time for service, especially when dealing with a large fleet. If this sounds like you, RAM tracking might be the ultimate solution.

With RAM tracking, you don’t need to remember maintenance dates. It tracks the dates and alerts you automatically when service is due or overdue, which helps ensure that vehicles are in good condition at all times. You minimize breakdowns and inefficiencies while maximizing your vehicle’s lifespan.

5. Better Route Optimization

When picking the ideal routes, fleet managers often consider factors like distance and traffic. One factor that is often overlooked yet key is safety- RAM tracking comes in by helping you weigh safety constraints in a typical route and pick the best route.

RAM tracking also streamlines dispatching processes and accurate route optimization. To business owners, this translates to fewer operational costs, on-time delivery, and improved customer experience.

6. Speed Monitoring 

Real-time data on speed can help identify and resolve poor driving behaviors to improve the vehicle’s safety. It also helps to ensure compliance with the set speed limits at different points. Even where driving speed is clearly indicated on the road signs, some drivers can be tempted to ignore them. Such bad behaviour leads to accidents and ends up tainting your image as a company and slows down processes. 

With RAM tracking, you can identify and stop potential speeding problems before they escalate, restricting the driver to the speed limit. The software reminds the driver of the rules and also notifies you, resulting in more cautious driving, hence more safety.


There you have it- the six ways you can enhance safety and compliance courtesy of RAM tracking. We understand that managing a large fleet is not everyone’s cup. Several things could go wrong when dealing with a handful of drivers, let alone hundreds. 

Fortunately, you can use RAM tracking to make your work easier. With RAM tracking solutions, you can expect low operation costs, fuel efficiency, safety, legal compliance, and much more. These lead to improved efficiency, and customer satisfaction, which translates to business success.