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5 Best Abaya Stores in Dubai 2024

Dubai is renowned for its unique and high-end products. Where you can find all the necessary local finds.

In this article we’ll look into five of the best abaya stores in Dubai UAE. You can find modern yet traditional abayas if you visit these stores.

Whether you want a traditional abaya or a modern and stylish party-wear or everyday wear you need, we have selected some of the finest boutiques for you to shop from.

5 Best Abaya Shops in Dubai

1. thowby ثــوبــي ️ your original ABAYA (4.9 out of 222 reviews)

advertisement of thowby (thowby official fb page)

Thowby is a signature abaya brand for all your abaya needs. Their main goal is to supply modern fashion with a blend of both traditional elegance and modern style.

Product Range

  • Abaya types: velvet abayas, Bisht abayas, colored abayas, linen abayas, silk abayas, Umrah abayas, classic abayas
  • Unique Items: under abaya dresses
  • Services: in-store shopping, in-store pick-up, delivery

Location and Accessibility

Open hours

  • Weekdays: 10.00AM – 10.00PM
  • Weekends: 10.00AM – 12.00PM

Return and exchange policy

  • For a exchange or a refund, you should take back the product within 14 days of order.

2. Habayeb (5.0 out of 204 reviews)

5 Best Abaya Stores in Dubai 2024 - habayeb
store front of Habayeb (google maps)

Habayeb is identified as a women-owned clothing store in Dubai UAE. They offer a wide range of abayas as traditional wear or for an occasion. You can get high-quality abayas for a reasonable price.

Product Range

  • Abayas: colored abayas, party wear abayas
  • Services: in-store shopping, kerbside pick-up, delivery

Location and Accessibility

Open Hours

  • Monday to Thursday:10.00AM – 11.00PM (visit on weekday afternoons to avoid crowd)
  • Friday to Sunday: 10.00AM – 12.00AM

3. Louzan Fashion – Dubai Mall (3.9 out of 36 reviews)

Untitled design 19
store front of Louzan (googke maps)

Louzan is an abaya shop that has the newest collection with the traditional touch. You can get elegant abayas for a reasonable price when you visit Louzan in Dubai UAE.

Product Range

  • Abayas: daily wear abayas, V.I.P abayas, wedding abayas, colored abayas, readymade abayas
  • Unique Items: perfumes, oils, home sprays, Bukhoor, fragrances, gift packs and collections
  • Services: delivery

Location and accessibility

Open hours

  • everyday : 10.00AM – 12.00AM (visit on weekday mornings to avoid crowd)

Return and exchange policy

  • The good must receive before 60 days of receipt.

4. Mauzan Dubai Mall (4.3 out of 33 reviews)

Untitled design 20
store front of Mauzan (google maps)

Mauzan was found by Rafia Helal Bin Drai in UAE. They compromises of three signature collections called, Mauzan, Mauzan Exclusive and Miss Mauzan.

Product range

  • Abayas: silk and cotton abayas
  • Unique items: fragrances, oils, hair mists, gift sets, accessories
  • Services: in-store shopping, in-store pick-up, delivery

Location and accessibility

Open hours

  • Monday to Thursday : 10.00AM – 12.00AM (visit on weekday afternoons to avoid crowd)
  • Friday to Sunday : 10.00AM – 1.00AM

Return and exchange policy

  • You have to return the item within 7 days of receipt. (working days)

5. Couturelabs (4.8 out of 16 reviews)

Untitled design 21
advertisement of Couturelabs (LinkedIn)

Couturelabs is a unique boutique where they offer their customers with eco-conscious products. viscose and viscose blends, garments they use are premium in quality, breathable and eco-friendly as well.

Product range

  • Abayas: printed abayas, solid-colored abayas
  • Unique Items: dresses, kaftans, tops, beachwear, sets, bottoms, jump-suites
  • Services: delivery

Location and accessibility

Open hours

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00AM – 7.00PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Return and exchange policy

  • A Return or exchange request must be placed within 5 days of receiving the order.

In Summary

Finding the appropriate abaya store can be difficult , but choosing one that matches your needs and ideals is critical . Whether you value classic workmanship, innovative designs, or great customer service, ensure that your preferences are met .

Remember to focus on what is most important to you—whether it is the fabric quality, the variety of styles, or the pricing point. For example, if customer service is critical, select stores with high ratings in this category.

We hope this guide simplifies your search. For more tips and recommendations please check our other articles as well;

Thank you for reading, and happy shopping!

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